Monday, October 1, 2007

The Fair And Babysitting

Yesterday after church we all went to visit one of Tom's friends and then we took our kids to a fair/car show not too far from his house. It was such a beautiful autumn day, perfect for fair-going. The fair was very tiny and wasn't all that exciting, but Kyle was in AWE of all the cars. He is so much like his daddy it is not even funny! He wanted to climb in and drive them which made it a little frustrating continually trying to keep him away because those car show people don't like getting fingerprints on their shiny fancy cars. We ate some yummy fair food and browsed the displays. Towards the end we came across a booth that had these little orange blow up monkeys and my kids both wanted one. They were 2 bucks each and definitely not worth 2 bucks, but worth the excitement they gave my kids so we gave in and bought them each one. Amazingly enough my kids have been playing with those silly monkeys all day. They were having a blast wrapping them around their bellies and then running with the monkeys dragging behind. They were belly laughing like crazy which is contagious and got me going as well. It quite funny!
Today has been a very busy day. This week and next I am babysitting a little girl named Olivia. Olivia is the same age as Kyle, she will turn 2 just a couple weeks after him. She is an easy little girl to babysit. Much less rambunctious than my two crazy little things. So this morning I wanted to get the bulk of my cleaning done that way I wouldn't have to worry about trying to do that while watching another little one. So I washed dishes, vacuumed, scrubbed the kitchen floor, and started laundry. Olivia got here just before 1 p.m., so I took the kids down the street to the playground for a while before nap time. They are all sleeping peacefully right now, and I'm hoping they will continue to sleep for at least another hour. I'm still working on the laundry, and I need to figure out what to do for dinner. Olivia will be here through dinner, until 7:30 tonight, so that aught to make for an interesting evening.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I just *love* fair toys. haha We have our fair share of them around here.

Leah said...

Those monkeys do look like fun! LOL I agree that sometimes the stupid "cheap" stuff is worth every penny for the thrill it gives the kids... Can't beat those belly laughs!!

The food at the fair sounds YUMMY! Makes me extra anxious for next year's fair in our area. LOL