Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I should be sleeping.

Oh how I would love to still be sleeping right now! But instead I am not, and neither is Megan. It's just 6 a.m. and we've been up since just after 5. Why you ask? Well, this weekend my dear husband decided we needed a black lab puppy. For over a year now my husband has been talking about getting dog for duck hunting. I've been able to put him off by telling him we need to wait until the kids are older, and we have a bigger house and yard until now. On Saturday Hemi (yes, named after a Dodge motor) became the newest member in our family. She is 10 weeks old, and not very little. She's got that adorable puppy face that no one can resist.

She's been very good so far, though we do have to watch her like a hawk otherwise she will chew on whatever she can get a hold of. So far no serious damage has been done, But it's only been 3 days. Give it time and I'm sure I'll be posting about things being chewed. We are crate training her, which she is acclimating to very well. Mostly thanks to our cat, Cedric, who was forced into being her crate-mate for the first 2 nights to keep her from getting lonely. My sister says I was taking advantage of Cedric's good nature. Yes, I know I was, but it worked! However, She was doing so well with the crate during the day, going in and out by herself, so last night we decided to try the crate without the cat and she was just fine so Cedric is off the hook now.

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Leah said...

Glad things seem to be going well so far. KNOCK ON WOOD! LOL Hemi is a beautiful puppy; can't wait to see more pics of her (with the kids even...hint hint...ha ha!)