Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Christmas Barbie

I know a lot of parents who won't let their little girls play with Barbie. She's over developed and tends to dress like a hooker. Well, I'm not one of those moms. I don't see anything wrong with Barbie's body. Sure, it's not very realistic, but I didn't care about that when I was a little girl. I dressed her up like a princess and sent her on dates with Ken. And I don't really feel scarred because my body didn't turn out like hers now that I'm grown up. I haven't gotten any Barbies for Megan because I just didn't think she'd be ready for them. You know how little girls tend to pop their heads off. My sister and I had a few headless Barbies in our collection.

On my dresser I've had my old Christmas Barbie displayed for a while now. My mom saved her and several months ago gave her back to me. This morning Megan discovered her and fell in love. She stroked her hair and primped her gown, it was obvious she thought she was beautiful, and she hasn't popped her head off yet.

Some people would say I shouldn't have let her play with her because the Barbie could be worth something someday, but that's what toys are for: to be played with. So now I'm thinking maybe it's time to buy Megan a Barbie of her own. Megan can still play with mine, but her Barbie needs a friend. Of course I'm sure it will be a challenge for me to find some decent clothes for her. I do tend to agree with people who take issues with her slutty style of dress. But hopefully I'll be able to find one dressed like a princess. Those fancy dresses were always my favorite style for Barbie anyway.

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Leah said...

I didn't think Emily would be ready for Barbies at only three years old, but she ended up with one and LOVED IT. The bigger concern was keeping track of all the shoes so baby Jared didn't find them later on and eat them!!! So she got the Barbies and I kept all the shoes unless she was locked in her room and Jared did go in there until everythign was picked up and accounted for. LOL I'm glad to hear other moms feel the same way about Barbies as I do!!