Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Running! F i n a l l y. . .

About a year ago my husband purchased a 97 Chevy Venture for one hundred bucks. We got it so cheap because the engine had to be rebuilt. Of course we weren't expecting it to take nearly this long to finally finish it, but he just hadn't the time to do it sooner. Finally it's finished though and running very nicely. We got it licensed and registered and it will be inspected on Monday. I am so excited to have a van again, not just a van, but one that has air conditioning and a CD player and all the controls WORK! Plus I don't have to struggle to get the kids into their car seats in the tiny backseat of the Dakota anymore! Woohoo!

Tom and Megan are currently out getting a new battery for the van and renting a movie for us to watch this evening. I had the joy of spending a little time with Kyle. He and I went for a little excursion around the block, myself on foot, and he on his little push tricycle. Then we collected some rocks from our neighbors driveway. It wasn't long, however, before his serious face and telltale body language let me know that he was filling his britches so we headed inside to change his diaper. That's all taken care of and now he is sitting on my lap playing with his rocks while I'm typing. He really is such a sweet boy. Both of my children are, in my opinion, the most lovable children on the planet! (and I'm pretty sure I'm not biased or anything! ;) )

AW! They (Tom and Megan) just called me from the grocery store to find out what kind of snack I wanted while we watched the movie. Megan is SO fun to talk to on the phone! She is just way too sweet! She said "Wa you want, mommy?". I said "I want a soft pretzel". She replied, "you wan pretzel?". Now all that sounds perfectly normal, but if you heard her adorable voice you would understand just why that little conversation makes my heart smile!


Leah said...

sounds like a nice day Melissa! Megan definately sounds cute... I love their little voices at this age!

Enjoy the movie tonight, and your soft pretzel (good for you, too, I'd have chosen something CHOCOLATEY!) LOL

Lorna said...

Good post.