Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Hi Mommy!"

These two words: "Hi Mommy!", said in my daughters happy sing songy voice are music to my ears! Megan is 3, and she started preschool last Wednesday. Both Thursday and Friday when I picked her up from school at 11:30 she was crying. It breaks my mommy heart when she's upset at school, but I told myself it was only her second and third day attending and she would adjust in a few more days. Yesterday she seemed fine when I picked her up which made me feel better. Today was the kicker though. When her teacher called her name to let her know she could go get her backpack she practically skipped to her cubby. She saw me and she didn't immediately run to me, and when she got all her things together she came over to me and said in the happiest voice "Hi Mommy!". It was clear that she was enjoying herself at preschool, but looking forward to seeing mommy at the same time. Made me feel so much better about her going to school everyday even though she is only 3.

Kyle is also adjusting to his time without Megan. He has always had her as a playmate. The first 3 days Megan was at school he followed me everywhere. He pulled up a chair and helped me with dishes and he helped me vacuum, and tried to help me make the beds, and do laundry. He just didn't seem to know what to do with himself without Megan to keep him busy. And keep him busy she does! Megan has never been a quiet one, and the two of them playing together are double trouble. Yesterday and today he finally seemed to be able to settle down and play by himself and I was amazed to see how calmly and quietly he did so! I'm happy that I'm getting to have some time alone with my sweet boy. I'm trying to be careful not to get too involved in cleaning or chores, but to makes sure to spend a good chunk of that time with Kyle.
It's getting late and I need to be getting ready for bed, but before I go I will leave you with a couple pictures of my sweet kiddos!

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