Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fruit Loops Anyone?

This Saturday morning has not started out well. First of all, the kids got up at 7 a.m. Not that that's extremely early for a normal day, but they were up past 10 p.m. last night since we were at my mother-in-law's house visiting. They definitely could have done with a couple more hours of sleep.

Since it's Saturday I gave myself the luxury of sleeping in until they woke up instead of setting the alarm for 6 like I would do on a weekday morning. Since Tom is out hunting I put a Veggie Tale DVD in for the kids and gave them each a bowl of dry cereal and set them on the couch hoping that would keep them out of trouble while I took my shower. Well, I must have spent too long in the shower because when I got out I came into the living room to find my daughter had decided to help herself to more cereal and dumped the ENTIRE box of Fruit Loops on the floor. No sooner did I get them cleaned up and get the floor vacuumed that my son decided to dump the container of legos all over the floor (I have mentioned before how much those little toys drive me crazy, haven't I?). I got those cleaned up and decided to put the kids in the tub for a bath and for a little play time, hoping that would give me a bit of peace. NOPE, they took the opportunity to get water all over me, and the bathroom. I finally got them bathed and got the bathroom cleaned up and the next thing I know the legos are being dumped all over the floor again. I did put them away in the closet thinking they would be 'out of sight out of mind' and that would deter the kids from wanting to dump them out, but I guess I was wrong.

So I'm sitting here at the computer ignoring the mess and reminding myself that I'm supposed to "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trails of many kinds (James 1:2)." Right now I'm having a hard time with the "pure joy" part of that verse. I knew I shouldn't have prayed for God to develop patience in me. I should have known He would take me seriously. *sigh*. Unfortunately I'm ashamed to admit that I probably haven't responded to these incidents with much patience though. I think God is definitely going to have to keep working on me. I pray that He'll give me the grace to respond better next time.

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Leah said...

LOL Melissa! I'm glad I'm not the only ones with little sabatours for children... WHY BOTHER cleaning during their awake hours of the day? LOL!! Hope the day improves!