Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Were You Doing At 5 A.M.?

Why, I was up baking cut out sugar cookies, of course! I really should have baked the cookies last night, but there is this totally awesome warehouse book sale going on through a local publishing company, and I just HAD to go. It was worth it too! I got 11 children's books, 1 hard cover adult book, and 1 really nice Taste Of Home 3 ring binder cookbook, all for just 25.00. Most of the books are going to be Christmas presents, though a few I'm giving to Olivia (the girl I babysit) for her birthday. I didn't buy any for myself this time, but I plan to go back with my sister on Friday night and shop again. I just didn't have time to look at everything last night.

Anyway, back to the cookies. . . I needed to bake the cookies because I had plans to get together with the neighbor and her kids this afternoon to have a fall cookie decorating party. So I got up really early and baked a batch of cookies, cleaned up the kitchen, then while Megan was at school I worked on my cleaning for the day since my afternoon was going to be busy. But Alas, despite all my hard work, our plans were foiled. Heather called and cancelled because she's sick. I'm certainly not at all upset with her, these things do happen. I am a bit bummed that I wasted 2 perfectly good hours of sleep time! Oh well, at least my house is clean now and I can spend this time while the kids are napping doing other more enjoyable things. Maybe I should take a nap!

Oh yes, and while I was cleaning this morning, Hemi stole and ate a whole stick of butter, wrapper and all. I'm a little worried about what that is going to do to her later on once it works its way through her system. . .


Leah said...

I jinxed you by mentioning my IL's puppy eating a whole stick of butter! LOL

I want to come decorate cookies at your house! Sounds like a blast. I really need to better about doing things like that with my kids. I USED to be good at doing those things!

You're awesome!

Kelly Malloy said...

Sounds like you got some good deals! Too bad your friend couldn't make it - I hate losing sleep for no reason!

Melanie said...

Assuming that Hemi is your dog- she should be okay. Mine did that once and was just fine.

I am curious about where you live- my mom went to a book sale too and she lives in NY. So, I wonder if you live near her.