Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Banana Thiefs

Bananas are a nice healthy food, so I get a bunch every time I go shopping. Both my children like bananas, though Kyle more so than Megan. When I get a new bunch of bananas I have to watch that boy like a hawk or he's constantly up on the table stealing them out of my fruit basket. There have been days when he's managed to steal/eat as a many as 4 bananas. And as you probably assumed, the dirty diapers following are NOT pleasant.

Well, today I discovered another, unexpected banana thief in our midst. I went down to change the laundry, and since I had the house well picked up and (I thought) no food was left out that would tempt Hemi to get onto the table, I decided it would be okay to leaveHemi out of her crate while I was downstairs for a minute or two. I came back up and all was quite, but when I got closer I realized Hemi had stolen a banana from my fruit basket and had already eaten half of it, peel and all. It had never occurred to me that she might find the fruit appealing, though I guess I should have known better since she eats things far worse such as pencils, dirty socks, and her own poop. . .


Leah said...

oh no!! LOL

My IL's left their puppy alone in the house (uncrated) for a few minutes one time, with the same thinking as you, that there was nothing for him to get into. They came back inside and found him up on the table, licking up the stick of butter. ROFL!


Anonymous said...

*LOL* Puppies - just one of the kids. haha