Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Madness

Today has been one very interesting day to say the least. It started out fairly normal, but by 8:30 a.m. the kids had already gotten into the fridge and dumped half a pitcher of pink lemonade on the floor and scattered ripped up tissues all over my living room, while I was busy cleaning up the lemonade of course. Shortly after that I put a DVD in for the kids to watch while I took my shower, but instead of watching that they decided it would be more fun to get mommy's address labels and stick them in mommy's Bible. After that little incident I decided we definitely needed to get out of the house for a while or the kids or I might not survive the morning. So we picked up Auntie Holly and boyfriend Scott and went to the Christmas Tree Shops. While we were there the fire alarm somehow got set off and everyone just had to leave everything and evacuate the building until the fire department came and made sure all was safe. The kids thought that was sooooo cool to see all the fire trucks with the flashing lights and sirens and firemen up close and personal. That didn't take too long so we were able to go back in and checkout quickly before heading to meet Grandma for lunch at Wendy's. We enjoyed an uneventful meal there, and then headed over to Old Navy. I think we shopped in Old Navy only about 20 minutes but when we came back out to the van the battery had gone dead. The first lady we flagged down couldn't get her hood open. The second lady we flagged down got her hood open but for some reason we couldn't get any spark from the spark plugs. Finally a man parked near us and saw that we were having car issues and came to our rescue. He figured out that we didn't have the cables connected quite right to our van and he was able to get everything properly connected at which point the van started right away.

Thankfully the day has settled down since then; a body can handle only so much excitement in one day. . .

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a day! Those are the kinds that it'd be nice to hop in bed, pull the covers up high, and call for a do-over.