Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Joys and Frustrations

Joy: My daughter successfully using the potty.
Frustration: My daughter peeing on the couch instead of in the potty.

Joy: My children sharing their snack with each other.
Frustration: My children biting each other as they are fighting over their snack.

Joy: My kids playing with the puppy.
Frustration: My kids torturing the puppy.

Joy: My daughter saying please and asking nicely.
Frustration: My daughter wailing please in a tantrum after I've told her no.

Joy: My children coloring precious toddler masterpieces for mommy.
Frustration: My children coloring precious toddler masterpieces on the wall.

Joy: My children playing happily in the bathtub.
Frustration: My children pooping in the bathtub.

Joy: My children learning to ride their tricycles.
Frustration: My children riding their tricycles too far away and me having to chase them down.

Joy: Taking my kids to McDonald's playland.
Frustration: Having to climb up into McDonald's playland to get the kids down because they didn't come on their own.

Joy: Getting the kids a special toy at Toys R Us.
Frustration: The kids fighting because they want the special toy the other one got.

Joy: Knitting the kids cute winter hats.
Frustration: Trying to get the kids to keep their cute winter hats on.

Most days the joys outnumber the frustrations, but some days it seems like it's just frustrating. Unfortunately today has been a frustrating day. Deciding to put Megan back in pull-ups for school, finding out that Megan bit another child again, neither child wanting what I fixed them for lunch which they normally would eat, fighting over who gets to be closest to the TV while watching Baby Einstein after lunch, then Megan peeing on the couch again. . . I finally put them down for their nap a half hour early. They have yet to fall asleep and they have been in there for a good half hour. And to top it all off, Tom said he would be late getting home tonight. *sigh*. I think maybe a nap of my own would put things in a better perspective. . .


Anonymous said...

I think it's something in the air today. By 9am I had already dealt with one doozey of a temper tantrum from Kaci that made me just want to put everyone - myself included down for a long nap. Luckily it has gotten better and it is actual naptime here.

I hope your kids ended up sleeping and you got the rest and recharge you need to take on the rest of the day.

The Evans Family said...

Your list made me laugh out loud, though looking back on frustrations - sometimes are funny. But while going through it, it is not funny at all.

I hope that you got a nap today!

Rosemarie said...

Thank God, for His mercies are new every morning...that includes for children too.

Praying that today is much better. Glory!

Leah said...

HUGS Melissa, sorry I missed this post on teh day it actually happened, but if it makes you feel any better, you're not alone in those sorts of days. KUDOS to you for finding the joy in the situation anyway. I often find that hard to do....