Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Busy Day, No IOW

On a normal Tuesday I would participate in the Christian Women Online's Tuesday In Other Words, but today isn't a normal Tuesday. It's my husband's birthday! And well, to be frank, the quote just didn't inspire me this week. I feel like we've been writing along the same subjects for a few weeks now and it's just getting dull. Hopefully next week the quote will be a little more inspiring.

Anyway, back to the fact that it's my husband's birthday. . . I baked his cake last night. I had to do it early because without thinking I rescheduled my cookie decorating party with my neighbor and her kids for today. Now if I had thought ahead I would not have done that. It's just going to make today extra busy. And as usual on Tuesday mornings, I am watching her 2 toddlers while she home school's her two oldest for a couple hours.

Tonight, as per my husband's wishes, we are going to Applebees to celebrate with his family, and then everyone will come back here to give him their cards/gifts and enjoy some cake and ice cream. I have yet to get him a card or a gift, which I feel really bad about. I think I'm probably going to make a card this afternoon and just put some cash in it for him to do with as he wants. I hate giving cash because it seems so thoughtless, but I'm sure he'll have no quarrels about it.

So my schedule today is as follows:
6 a.m. Take Hemi out, work on laundry, shower and dress
7:15 Eat breakfast, feed kids
7:40 Dress kids
8:20 take Megan to school
8:40 pick up a little bit and put away laundry
9:00 get the neighbor children and watch them for a couple hours and fit in blogging.
11:00 return neighbor kids, and pick up house
11:20 pick up Megan
11: 40 fix lunch
12:00 clean up lunch, pick up house and vacuum quickly
12:30 Decorate cookies with neighbor and kids
2:30 Megan and Kyle nap, work on laundry, clean bathroom, and make birthday card
4:30 Megan and Kyle wake up, get snack, and hang out until dinner
6:00 go to Applebees
7:30 come back home for presents and dessert
8:30 clean up and go to bed

Here is the very yummy Pampered Chef recipe I used for the birthday cake. If you like peanut buttery desserts you will like this! It's one of our favorites.

Choco-Peanut Butter Swirl Cake

1 package (18.25 ounces) yellow cake mix
1 cup water
3 eggs
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
3 squares (1 ounce each) semi-sweet chocolate for baking

3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
2-3 tablespoons milk
1 cup powdered sugar
3 tablespoons coarsely chopped peanuts

1.Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray Stoneware Fluted Pan with vegetable oil. For cake, place cake mix in Classic Batter Bowl. In Small Batter Bowl, whisk water, peanut butter and eggs until well blended. Stir peanut butter mixture into cake mix. Mix 2 minutes or until well blended.
2.Pour half of batter (about 2 cups) into prepared pan. Melt chocolate in Small Micro-Cooker® on HIGH 1 minute, stirring every 15 seconds or until melted and smooth. Stir into remaining batter. Using Small Scoop, drop chocolate batter onto batter in pan; swirl with Skinny Scraper. Bake 50-55 minutes or until Cake Tester inserted near center of cake comes out clean. Cool 15 minutes in pan. Carefully invert pan onto Stackable Cooling Rack to remove cake. Cool 30 minutes.
3.For glaze, whisk peanut butter and 2 tablespoons milk until smooth. Add powdered sugar; mix until smooth. If necessary, gradually add additional 1 tablespoon milk until glaze is of desired consistency. Drizzle glaze over cake; sprinkle nuts evenly over cake.
Yield: 16 servings Nutrients per serving: Calories 280, Total Fat 12 g, Sodium 280 mg, Fiber 2 g


Melanie said...

Right about now the kids should be napping while you work on laundry, cleaning the bathroom and making your hubby a card. I hope you were able to get everything done today.

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge PB fan but my husband LOVES it. I might have to keep a hold of this one for his birthday or sometime special. He would love it.