Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Meaning of Mom (Contest & Giveaway)

Calling all mama bloggers!  I need your help!  So, to bribe you into helping me I'm going to host a contest...AND... a giveaway!  This is a first for me and my blog and I have to admit I'm fighting my fears of this attempt ending in failure.  Please help spread the word to make this a success.  (I'm not ashamed to do a little begging...)

Why do I need your help?
I'm planning a baby shower for my sweet sister-in-law, and I am looking for something to read at the shower.  I want something unique and creative... something that provokes our thoughts and emotions about mothering and motherhood.   It can be something that lends itself to tears, or laughter.   I want it to be something that people will talk about even after they leave, and something she will remember and treasure for years to come.

The rules of participation:
1. Write something... anything... about the topic of motherhood, and what it means to be a mom. (preferably something original to you.)
2.  Place a link to this contest page in your post.
3.  Leave your post link in Mister Linky.
4.  Contest begins today, and ends April 14th.

The Prizes:
1. I will give a 10.00 Borders gift card to the blogger whose post I choose to read.
2. I will give a 10.00 Borders gift card to a participant chosen at random.
3. I will highlight my favorites on my blog throughout the duration of the contest.
( I may add additional prizes based on the number of participants.)

Thank you to all who participate!!!


Deborah said...

Hi! I happened upon your blog today because I read the comment you posted in response to the Tomato Bread Recipe I shared through Mama Bzz. :o)

I love your contest idea! I linked to a post on my blog where I share several items that have been an "inspiration and encouragement" to me as a young mom. I trust they'll be a blessing to you, too.

Karen said...

Great idea...what a lovely thing to do for your sister-in-law...will be back later to link up...

Norse, Jesica, and Boden said...

Fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog - hopefully I can think on this and link up! Hooray for your first giveaway!

MommieDaze said...

This a great idea. I'll participate. I have to go think about it what to write.

Tiffany said...

Melissa - I really struggled with this, but so wanted to help you out. I linked up, but it really wasn't what I hoped it to be - sorry!! I hope you get more entries. I think you should do a reminder post! {grin}