Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Medicine (part 1)

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

A merry heart is a good thing.  Life is so full of stress, worry, pain and struggle, but sometimes it is good for a body just to forget about all that for a while and enjoy life, to do something fun, to take a minute to laugh!  Here are a few things that have made my heart merry recently.

My children make my heart merry!

The other day Megan came home from school singing a little learning song to the tune of "There's a Hole in my Bucket".  At dinner time she was singing the little ditty, when Tom burst out in the catchy tune singing the words "There's a hole in my bucket".  Megan heard the words he was using and she said, "There's not a hole in my bucket, there must be a hole in Kyle's."  Kyle pipes up in a sad little voice, "yup, there's a hole in the purple one that's in the backyard."  It was just so funny how literal they took their daddy's song. Tom and I looked at each other and burst into laughter!

This evening as we were getting Megan and Kyle ready to go to Awana, Caleb did not want to be left behind. As Kyle was laying on the floor with his feet in Tom's lap getting his shoes tied, Caleb went into the hallway; picked out his shoes; plopped them into daddy's lap; then proceeded to lay on the floor next to Kyle and stick his feet into the air.  He may not talk yet but he sure can communicate!  That little boy is so cute! Although, he wasn't quite as cute when he threw a little temper tantrum because he couldn't go with us. . .

I like playing the Wii with Kyle.  We do Piston Cup races in his Cars game.  It's fun!  And I have to admit, I do like being able to beat someone for once, even if it is my 4 year old! LOL!   Kyle is so sweet, he doesn't even care if I beat him, he just thinks I am an amazingly cool mom to actually play with him. {grin}

My husband makes my heart merry!

The other day after Tom came home from work he took the kids outside to play and 'helped' them make a snow tunnel (he did most of the work).  The kids were in awe of their amazing daddy and his talents. Who needs a snowman when daddy can build a snow tunnel! LOL!  I love to watch him play with them.

Last weekend I went out on Friday night with some other women while Tom stayed home with the kids.  I was out quite late and when I got home it was blissfully quiet.  Everyone was in bed and asleep.  As I set down my purse I quickly took note of my clean home.  My dear husband had picked up all the toys. He had all the blankets folded and pillows where they belong.  He had even cleaned up the kitchen from the dinner which he fixed all by himself AND he washed the dishes! I have mentioned in a previous post that my love language is 'acts of service'.  Well, I certainly felt all warm and fuzzy that night!

My parents make my heart merry!

My parents are sweet, kind, generous people who have been a blessing to me in so many many ways!

This weekend they are going to watch our kids all day saturday and overnight to Sunday so Tom and I can have some kidless time in order to visit with some friends coming from out of town and go to a get-together with some couples from our church. My kids are so excited to go spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa.  And I am so excited too!  Did I mention that my secondary love language is "quality time"?   Going to get some of that with my husband this weekend! Yea!

My God makes my heart merry!

God has been so good to me.  He has blessed me above and beyond what I could ask or think.  He fills my heart with joy, and he gives me new mercies every morning!  He loves me unconditionally, and no matter what circumstances I may face in this life, I find security in him.  I am so thankful!


Calvary Baptist said...

Oh, Melissa! I absolutely adore this post! Somehow I keep missing these when you post them, so I have to catch up. What lovely blessings God has given you, and what a blessing for you to notice them!! I hear so many other young moms complaining about their current phase in life - that cannot see the blessings God has placed right in front of them, so this was so very encouraging for me to read. Thanks!

Crystal said...

Your post makes me merry! What an uplifting piece. Thank you for writing it.