Monday, March 29, 2010

God Thinks of Me!

I think it is just amazing and wonderful when I can look back over a series of events in my life and see how God has orchestrated them for a certain purpose.  This happened just within the last few weeks when God brought along certain changes which led to me being unexpectedly plopped into a new study at my church.  The book we are studying is called  "When I Lay My Isaac Down: Unshakable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances".   Carol Kent tells the story of her unthinkable circumstance and how the grace of God sustained her and strengthened her faith.  

I have been through my own personal unthinkable circumstance this past year with my liver transplant.  In many ways it will never truly be over.  There is not a day that goes by without thinking about this wonderful gift that makes life so uncertain. Every twinge I feel I wonder if something is going wrong, if my body is trying to fight the very thing that is allowing me to live.  I am over the initial shock, but there is still  a battle with fear, and trust, and faith that I fight daily.  Because the circumstance surrounding this fight is out of my control, it has sent me to my knees and I have experienced such a strengthening of my faith, and trust in the One who saved me. 

My experience and Carol Kent's experience are totally different, yet the things she writes could have come from my very own heart.  I feel as though this book was written with me in mind.  The topics we have read and talked about within our group have blessed me, encouraged me, comforted me, and pushed me further into the embrace of my sweet Heavenly Father.

I am so blessed to know that God is thinking of me... He knows the deepest struggles of my heart better than even I do, and He knows that I need this study.  Wow! He's got the whole world to think about, yet he takes the time to think of little unimportant housewife Melissa.  I mean, WOW!!!!  God thinks I am worthwhile!  There is nothing that fights my insecurities better than experiencing my Father's love!

And right now I am feeling completely overwhelmed by it!


Karen said...

I know that overwhelmed feeling...God is so good!

Hazel said...

I'm so glad God "plopped" you in that Bible study! I am continually amazed by his goodness and mercy. ..."Yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge." Psalm 57:1 There is no safer place to be.

Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog.

I agree with you, Karen & Hazel; I too know that total overwhelmed and amazed feeling of being loved by our Father in Heaven. Isn't it awesome?!

Hugs and prayers,