Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My View and Our Pumpkin

I have such a lovely view from my kitchen window each fall!  We have two beautiful big maple trees in our back yard.  They offer shade on hot days during the summer, and are so full of cheerful color in the fall.  Not to mention all the fun the kids have playing swords with their sticks, and then of course the leaf-pile jumping.  No matter how much work it is to rake the leaves, I am very thankful for our big trees!

Megan stayed home from school the last couple of days due to a fever.  Yesterday she was getting bored just laying on the couch so we came up with a very fun sick-day activity.  We decided to carve our pumpkin.  The kids enjoyed it and it kept us all entertained for a little while.  Kyle got to choose the shape of the eyes, and I chose the shape of the nose, and Megan chose the shape of his mouth.   It is now gracing front yard with a couple of mums. It looks very festive!  I saved the seeds and roasted them with some butter and salt for a nice little snack.



Karen said...

What a lovely view! Your kids look adorable...and obviously were having great fun with mom....

Gracie said...

your kitchen view is lovely,your window has such a lovely country feel to it.Your three precious children are so cute.I really like the header pic. of them.