Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday Showcase, a day late. . .

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With this sudden onslaught of cold weather that we got this week I was forced to sit down and work on some knitting for my family. I've been meaning to do so for a while, knowing that neither Megan nor Kyle have hats or mittens that fit them this winter. I felt like a bad mom on Friday when I had to send them to school in the cold without them.

So yesterday I started Kyle's pair of mittens. I finished them just before dinnertime this evening. I takes me about 3 hours per mitten. I'm not a pro-knitter, or very experienced, so I'm a little slow. Someone more experienced could probably whip out a pair in a couple hours, but I'm still proud of how they turned out (even with the couple mistakes, but as long as you don't look too closely you'll never notice). I'm just using extra yarn I have leftover from other projects I've done so they won't really match their coats, but that's ok. It doesn't take a lot of yarn to do children's mittens. Plus, it saves me a few bucks to not have to go buy anything so it's worth it. I plan to start Megan's mittens tomorrow afternoon. I hope to have those done by Tuesday and then I'll knit all 3 of them a winter hat. I'm not doing mittens for Caleb because I know from experience that he won't keep them on. Instead, I use a pair of Kyle's socks for Caleb's hands. They are a little snugger and he can't pull them off so easily. Anyway, these knitting projects will keep me happily occupied (I really do enjoy it) for a couple weeks or so.

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