Tuesday, September 29, 2009

School Days

This year I have 2 little ones in school. Megan is in Kindergarten, and Kyle is in preschool. I can't believe how quickly my kids are growing up, but you know, at 3(4 in just a few weeks) and 5 they really still are just babies! Anyone who is a mom understands that! Going to school isn't just a big step for them, it's a big step for mommy too. I'm not a worrier, but I have to admit that I fretted a little bit, especially about Megan's first few days.

We have all adjusted very well to our new fall schedule. Things can be a little hectic, especially in the morning, but we are falling into a nice routine. Megan and Kyle both enjoy their classmates and their teachers, which makes me feel good. They are always excited to show me their little projects when they get home, which, of course, I proudly display on the fridge.

Caleb and I spend our mornings running errands, cleaning, organizing, and even just relaxing sometimes! It's amazing how quiet it is around the house when only one little one is home. I hope I don't sound like a terrible mommy, but as much as I love having them home, I am enjoying my quiet mornings!

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