Monday, February 4, 2008

Big Improvements!

The last couple of weekends have been busy with some much needed, and overdue home improvements.

The first project was our bathroom. I was always embarrassed when someone needed to use it. It looked so bad, but with a couple of coats of paint it has been totally transformed! See for yourself!

The second project was widening the doorway of our closet. We had a 6 foot closet, but only a 2 foot door so 4 feet of the closet were very inaccessable. My handy husband was able to cut out some wall, frame it in, put up some shelving in order to maximize the space, paint, and hang the doors in just a couple of days. There is just some touch up plaster/paint work that needs to be done. Now I have more than enough space for my hanging clothes, as well as shelves for our sheets and room for coats, and more! Here are the pictures. I did forget to take a before picture, so I took a picture of the kids room so you can see how our closet used to be (since their room is exactly like ours was).


Leah said...

Oooohhhh! That looks great Melissa! That definately makes me want to hurry up and buy some paint and tackly my familyroom (we've only been talking about it for almost 8 years now...LOL)

btw, daisies are pre-brownies basically. They didn't used to let Kinders to Girl Scouts, but they added in Daisies at some point in time. Starting next year, Daisies are Kindergarten, with the option of doing it through First Grade as well (which is what our troop chose to do because we got such a late start this year), then do Brownies in Second Grade.

Betsy said...

It looks wonderful. Both the bathroom and the closet. How blessed you are to have such a handy man husband!