Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We're Off To See The Wizard. . .

I really get excited about dressing my kids up to go trick or treating.  I think it is such a fun activity!  The kids love it too!  I try to come up with a theme each year for my little ones.  We've done cowboy & indian, candy corn, bride and groom, and this year my mother-in-law sewed beautiful costumes from the Wizard of Oz.  Megan was the prettiest Dorothy you ever did see, Kyle was the cutest little scarecrow, and Caleb was an adorable cowardly lion (though we bought his costume).

Notice my cowardly lion was really getting into character! LOL!

 Kyle had a fun little school party.  When we got home he dumped out he goody bag and just looked and looked at it.  He was so proud of all his loot!

Daddy got into the fun and wore this crazy hat which he borrowed from my sister. I wore a parrot hat, but it wasn't near as fun as the hat Tom wore.  And since I was behind the camera I don't have any pictures of me.

Look!  I did manage to catch a couple smiles with his little lion hat on.  That was really the problem.  Once the hat came off he was as happy as a clam.

Notice that once someone let go of his hands, he gives a mischievous grin (pictured above) and then throws off his hat and takes off down the street away from it (pictured below).


Leah said...

super cute! Glad to see your cowardly lion cheered up by the end... LOL!

Hazel said...

Sweet, sweet memories. They are adorable!

Karen said...

They are so cute!!