Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My First Bloggy Award!

Thank you to Kalyn at A Quiet Strength for awarding me the "Honest Scrap" Award! Yea!!! I am totally giddy over it! LOL!  If you get a moment check out her blog.  She has some very thoughtful posts, as well as some funny and creative stuff too. 

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Must thank the person who gave you the award and list their blog and link it.
2. Share "10 Honest things" about yourself.
3. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.
4. Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

Ten honest things about myself.
1. I have a horrible sweet tooth, and no will-power. I have to keep junk food out of my house or I'll eat it all myself.  Seriously, it is bad.  I've not been good at that lately either.  I need to do some cupboard purging. 

2. I used to think I was an animal-lover.  But since having kids I realize that though I like animals, I really prefer it when they belong to someone else.  I do however still love my two kitties and wish they wouldn't pee in the house and could be indoor instead of out.  At the same time, I do enjoy not having to vacuum the cat hair every single day.

3.  I get very uptight when my house is messy.  I can't sit down and relax in the evening until things are picked up and neatened.  Sometimes I have to make myself  stop cleaning or cooking in order to spend time with my family. 

4.  Generally speaking, I am a very positive person.  I don't spend my day worrying about my health or complaining about my circumstances, whatever they may be.  I am a 'glass half full' kind of person.  I see the positive things even in 'bad' circumstances.  And frankly, I don't really understand people who tend towards pessimism.

5. I am not the most patient of people.  Especially when it comes to waiting in line, or driving, or other people being late.  A few weeks ago I was waiting in line at AT&T.  There was a sign-in sheet at the front of the store, so I didn't bother actually waiting in a line.  I browsed the store while I waited.  A woman came in after me and signed in on the sheet.  We looked at each other and made eye contact, so it was obvious that I was there before her, not to mention her name was the last one on the list.  Well, as soon as the person ahead of me got done at the desk she hopped right up there as quick as she could.  The clerk didn't even bother checking the sign-in sheet.  I have to say that I was pretty darn annoyed. Not just at her, but at the clerk who didn't check the sheet.  Seriously, what IS the point of a sign-in sheet if you aren't going to check it?  See. . . I'm getting worked up again just thinking about it.  Patience is something I definitely need to work on!

6.  I love water activities in the summer.  Swimming, boating, water-skiing, fishing--though I won't actually touch the fish and do freak out a little bit if they get too close to me when they are caught. 

7.  When I read a book I get so caught up in the story that I tune out the rest of life.  My husband could talk at me until he is blue in the face and I wouldn't hear a thing he says.  He actually has to physically get my attention and I have to physically set the book down and concentrate on what he is saying or I'll go right back to reading and even though i tried to listen, I won't remember a thing he said.

8.  I learned to play the clarinet when I was in elementary and high school.  I haven't picked it up in years.  It is sitting in my closet.  I also took piano lessons in high school.  I have an electric keyboard which is sitting in my attic. Regularly I think to myself, "I need to get those out and start playing again."  I do enjoy music!  I enjoy singing most of all!  I even love to do solos.  Which reminds me, I need to pick out a song for this Sunday evening!  I better do that tonight!

9.  I'm losing my hair.  I have always had incredibly thick hair.  The kind of thick that doesn't fit into some ponytail holders, or barrets.  Well, the transplant medication I'm on has a side affect of hair loss.  Most people can't tell that I've probably  lost about half of my thickness of hair, but it was so thick before that now it's 'normal'.  At the same time it is rather disturbing to see that much hair coming out in the shower and clogging the drain each morning.  They say it will stop falling out so much as they lower the medication.  I hope so!

10.  I can't smell skunk. It could be so strong that it is making my husband's eyes water and I still wouldn't be able to smell it at all.  My older two brothers can't smell it either. 

Seven blogs that have encouraged me or I find brilliant in content or design.

1. Tiffany at A Moment Cherished has such a sweet blog. She has already received this award, but I'm awarding it to her again.  I love reading her new posts and seeing her great pictures!

2. Janna at The Adventure of Motherhood has such a wonderful blog!  She is reading through the book "Shepherding a Child's Heart" and has some great things to say about it. I really need to pull out my copy and read through it again.

3. Gracie at Grace is in my Kitchen has an amazing cooking blog.  She takes great photos  the 'process' and the finished product.  She's inspiring!  And I can't read her blog without my mouth watering and wanting a snack afterwards!

4. Karen at Hallelujah Anyhow has such an encouraging blog.  With all that our little family has been through the last few months, I can really relate to her posts and find them to be such a blessing.

5. Heather at Not a DIY Life has a delightful blog!  She blogs about her life with her 'ladybug'.  I really enjoy reading her thoughts from day to day.

6. Erica at Amazing Adventures Await has a fun little blog about life with her two girls. I discovered her blog through my participation in the Thankful Thursday meme.  Her blog is upbeat and fun and makes me smile. 

7.  Melissa at Hidden Valley Simplicity has a great blog with lots of good information.  She also is part owner of mamabzz.com which is another great blog for moms. Both blogs are worth mentioning.  I enjoy and follow each of them!  Melissa is doing a new series on natural/healthy living which I am looking forward to reading. 

So if you get a chance, head on over to these blogs and check them out, and say "hi" from me while you are there!


heartnsoulcooking said...

CONGRATS!!! on your AWARD.

Erica said...

Thanks so much! Congratulations on your first award as well!

Karen said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed reading your list of 10...thanks for sharing the award!

Gracie said...

Yea, your first award...I remember when I got my first too...I was really excited about it.I enjoyed getting to know you better.I am the same way about chocolate...if its in the house I'll eat it!
Thank you so much for passing on the award to my cooking blog,and for all the lovely comments.I'll be sur to pass this along to other boggers.
Its so greatly appreciated.
Blessing to you

Adventure Mom Janna said...

I know how excited and appreciative you feel b/c I feel the same way:) When I read your about me section the first time I visited your blog I could tell our philosophies about life and motherhood are so similar.

I have so much to say but it's late so I'll sign off and get to my "homework" of awarding others in a day or two. Thanks for thinking of me Melissa!

I love Melissa of Hidden Valley too!

Melissa said...

Melissa, Congrats! I am so proud for you! I'm sure you would be all excited- you should be! I laughed out loud a couple of times about your list...can't smell skunk:) I never heard that before! But the lack of self control with what's in the cupboard...guilty, and the problem with not being able to relax until the house is ready for company...right there too. I enjoy your blog.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Thank you so much for sharing the bloggy award!

i have to agree with you about the animal person. My poor cat is so neglected since Ladybug came along. And she's Siamese so she doesn't take to that too kindly. She is a talker!

Thanks again for sharing your award!