Monday, May 10, 2010

Reasons to Celebrate!

I have so many reasons to celebrate this weekend.  Of course, Sunday was Mother's Day, and I have the privilege of celebrating the opportunity to be a mother to my three blessings: Megan, Kyle, and Caleb.  They are such an amazing gift! With the help of God, I want to live a life that leaves them a legacy of faith, and is an example of the life-changing grace of God.

Mother's day is also a wonderful day to celebrate my own Mom, another of God's precious gifts to me.  I remember the first few weeks at home with my sweet Megan.  I wasn't prepared for how much work being a Mother really is.  I remember having no idea how I was supposed to get my tiny baby from sleeping in my arms to sleeping in her crib.  My sweet mom stayed up many a late night with me helping me to get things figured out.  She has continued to be a blessing with her help, her godly advice and gentle encouragement.  I love her dearly!

I also am celebrating the amazing gift of life.  A year ago I had my liver-transplant surgery.  It was the beginning of renewed health and optimism as well as tremendous spiritual blessings!  Sunday was exactly a year later, and everyday I marvel at how much energy I have!  God has used this experience to change my life in so many many ways.  I never want to forget God has done.  I pray that he will keep using the things that I experienced through the last year to change me and continue to make me into his image.

And lastly, I had the opportunity to celebrate by enjoying some time alone with my husband!  We spent Sunday night in Rochester. I had an appointment in the transplant clinic Monday morning (which went very well).  My parents generously agreed to watch our little ones while we had a one night getaway!  I soaked up the peaceful time with my husband without the little ones to interrupt conversations.  It was sweet and wonderful and I loved it!

All of these precious gifts are from the hands of my heavenly Father.  I cannot claim responsibility for any of it.  All I can do is praise God for his mercy and his grace in my life.  Every good and perfect gift comes from Him!  


mosey said...

Beautifully written, you have so many wonderful reasons to celebrate this year! Isn't God good!

Karen said...

Wonderful blessings to celebrate!