Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coloring With The Kids Just Got A Lot More Fun!

I love to sit down and color with my kids.  It's one of those great activities that keep the kids happy, fairly quiet, and entertained. Plus, it gives me a bit of a break since I'm not having to chase them all over my house or worry about picking up a huge mess after we are done. Not to mention the fact that coloring with my little ones is just special.  And I certainly can't beat the conversation!  I don't know if there is much funnier in life than conversation with a 5 year old and a 4 year old, with a 19 month old nodding his head here and there for emphasis...Just writing about it makes me smile!

Up until now I have colored with them in one of their kids coloring books, but recently I received an e-mail newsletter that advertised free coloring pages for mom.  Curious, I followed the link and was very pleased with what I found: many beautiful adult geared coloring pages of things such as flowers, birds, scenery, and more. 

Megan and I got a chance to color yesterday afternoon while the boys were napping.  Megan was just as tickled as could be to have me sit down with her, and she was just as proud of the things that I colored as she was of her own. Of course she insisted they all get hung on the fridge.  *smile*  My 'Miss Megs' is just the sweetest little girl ever!


Hazel said...


Hazel said...

Precious picture too. That's my Megan girl!

Debbie said...

Too cute! I love to sit and color with the kids too. :)